Majesty / Kameyo Make Sample Cutting Machine for Irregular Samples

This Machine is a result of continual design improvement based on the feedback acquired in more than 15 years.

This is ideal for metallurgical Laboratories where irregular and over-sized samples comes for analysis, especially in production environment.

Samples having irregular shapes which are very difficult to hold in a vice can easily be clamped in the T-Slots provided in the rigid platform which is constrained to slide in XY-Direction (On Mutually Perpendicular Guides with respect to the cutter) very conveniently with the help of feeding hand wheels. A vice is also provided with this machine to clamp small and regular shaped samples.

The rotating cutter is fed intermittently by means of a very specially designed Swing-&-Spin mechanism which provides a positive and constant cutting pressure throughout the span of cutting course.

Salient Features :
  • Sample Size: Edged Samples; 10'' x10'' x1'', Round Sample: Dia 40 mm x 12''
  • T-Slotted Platform for holding Edged / Irregular Samples
  • XY-Motion of Clamping Platform
  • Coolant Circulation System provided
  • Fully covered Cutting Chamber with visible operation, for safety

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