Raymond Mill / Disc Mill

For Laboratories, this model is best for fast and efficient primary grinding of samples of brittle materials like Iron and Manganese ores, Quartz, Glass, Glass, Granite, Silicates and various minerals for conventional chemical and physical analysis.

Principle of Operation :

The Sample is fed through the Hopper, which enters the grinding zone centrally. Grinding zone is consists of a rotating Disc and a Fixed disc both having grooves, the rotating disc pushes the material against the fixed disc causing heavy friction which causes the material to shear off into fine particle. The ground material comes out due to gravity and Centrifugal force and collected into a tray.

The adjustable small gap between the discs determines the size of the fineness of the grounded material.

Features :
  • Dust Proof grinding zone, Silent, neat and clean operation, best suited for Primary Grinding
  • Maximum Feed Size: Up to 05 mm
  • Out Put Size: 200 Mesh – 75 Microns
  • Capacity: 50 Kg to 200 Kg per Hour, Depending upon the physical properties of Material
  • Adjustable Range Of Gap:5 mm to 0.1 mm
  • Overload protection of Motor
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