Planetary Ball Mill
Application :

Majesty make Planetary Ball Mill is designed to crush the material to extremely fine level even down to 5 to 1 Microns, at a very fast rate. It is useful for crushing, grinding and mixing coal, coke, graphite and geological samples. This is ideal for Laboratory for batch grinding of test samples in dry as well as in suspension from as large as 10 mm particle size down to extreme output fineness.

Working Principle :

A Planetary Ball Mill consists of at least one grinding Vessel witch is arranged eccentrically on a sun Wheel / Rotating table

When the sun wheel rotates about its axis, the vessel follows planetary motion i.e. it rotates about it’s own axis as well as about the axis of sun wheel. The direction of rotation of vessel is opposite to that of the sun wheel, this imparts very high energy to the balls to collide one another during high speed movements causing very fast grinding and mixing of material(s) in the vessels to a very high finness up to 1 Micron depending upon the physical characteristics of material, number & size of balls, time and speed selection.

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