Specification of Hydraulic Pellet Press-40 Tons (Automatic):
Specifications :
  • Fully Automatic: Digital setting of Compression Force – 5 Tons To 40 Tons, Digital Setting Of Hold Time – 0 to 300 Seconds, Digital Setting of Intervals of decompression & return back to zero Position.
  • *All types of Pelleting is Possible, i.e. Type A, Type B, Type C and the Direct Pelleting,
  • Auto Cycles for each Type of Pelleting is provided.
  • Automatic Compression, Ejection and Relief
  • Safety interlock and automatic Pump Shut-Off safety valve is provided for safe operation.
  • Operation in manual mode for all types of pelletizing is also possible.

*Separate Die set will be required for each type of pelleting.

Specifications Shall be Sent On Request

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