Argon Gas Purifier - Model : Agp-1025
Application :

Rare gases are commonly used to create an inert chemical environment for applications where prohibition of the formation of undesirable molecular species (eg. Oxides, Carbides etc.) in critical applications such as Arc/Spark Optical Emission Spectroscophy for Metal Analysis.

These inert gases are very often stored in compressed or liquefied form in metal containers which are subjected contamination. Gas will then be dispensed through a regulator which is also subjected to contamination over time. This can greatly affect the validity of test results especially where identification of trace elements is required in rigorous applications. Installing an AGP-1025 Rare Gas Purifier in-line between your gas supply and instrument offers the reassurance of reducing total contaminant levels to 1 VPM or less.

The purifier contains two reactive getter tubes and a molecular sieve drier tube housed in a cabinet for immediate use. Just plug into the local ac power supply, connect the gas and purge the lines, turn on the power and you are up and running.

Salient Features :
  • Fail Safe Design: Offering long term optimum performance and reliability.
  • Automatic Thermocouple temperature Control System.
  • Output Pressure:8 Bar
  • Band Heater Facility incorporated, allowing in-setu regeneration of the molecular sieve drier tube.
  • No high cost thermal fuse, simplifying operation and reducing long term operation cost.
  • Stainless Steel Getter Tubes
  • Compared to competitive alternatives long term economy due to low cost of replacement purifier tubes.
  • Automatic thermocouple temperature control system with a safety interlock.
  • Band Heater facility incorporated.

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